Saturday, May 8, 2010

Down on the Farm! Thanksgiving 2008

I'm sure everyone has family traditions for holidays, mine being no different. It usually involves all of my siblings heading to my parents for a big ol' buffet. This particular year my younger brother, Fat, was working for a corn maze called Aww Shucks.
Well down at Aww Shucks, there was not only a maze, but also a petting zoo of farm animals and hayrides. Fat was a fairly competent employee (the owners favorite, not to brag) and had keys to everything there. The owner allowed Fat to take us all down to the farm and show us around, even though they were technically closed. We all enjoyed an amazing lunch prepared by my mom and sisters, then piled in the cars and headed off to see the little animals. After playing with all the little critters, Fat even taught all of us guys how to drive a big John Deere. It was good times!
Cooking in the driveway
Everyone eatin' some grub
Charlotte didn't get her way
Teachin' the injun how to drive a tractor
Baby bro is a smooth operator...even if he is drinkin' and drivin'!

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  1. Ha Thanksgiving with a petting zoo! That's awesome. I don't think I'd forget a year like that either.